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Fan Speed Controller 500W | Hydroponic Accessories

Fan Speed Controller 500W | Hydroponic Accessories

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Fan Speed Controller | Regulates Up To 500 Watts | Made In Australia

Take full control of your indoor grow room with our top quality fan speed controller which is proudly Made in Australia. Designed to regulate fans up to 500 watts this device is a must have for growers who want to customize their ventilation systems for optimal results.


Unlike light dimmer switches from hardware stores, which can destroy your fan, our trustworthy Speed Dimming controller offers precise speed adjustments with just a simple twist of the knob. Whether you're a seasoned grower or just starting out, this fan speed controller is an essential tool to maintain the perfect airflow in your grow room. Don't settle for less - choose our Made in Australia fan speed controller for ultimate peace of mind and maximum yields.

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